A Fit Lifestyle – It’s Different For Everyone

So you may be asking…


“All right, Coach Nestor, if you don’t believe that weight loss should be my focus then what should I focus on?”


That’s a good question.


Your goal should be to create a fit lifestyle. (Hence the tagline for this Blog)


So today I want to spend some time breaking down what creating a fit lifestyle means and how you can begin to start taking steps to creating your own version of a fit lifestyle.


Different For Everyone

In working with hundreds of people over the last 5 years, I’ve found that most people have some sort of preconceived notion of what being “fit” means.


Their idea is usually inspired by a fitness model they follow on social media, their favorite team’s star running back, or their favorite Marvel superhero.


Unfortunately… we see six-pack abs, toned legs, and a slim body and we think THAT’S what being “fit” is all about.


Nevermind your neighbor…(lets call her Susan)…who’s a full time Accountant, mother of 3, president of her son’s PTA, and can run circles around any teenager in her daughter’s High School.


Susan makes time to work out, she’s mindful of how she eats, and she just wants to set a good example for her husband and kids.


She may not have a toned stomach or fit in a size 2…but Susan IS FIT… It’s just not the “fit” that you’re used to thinking of.


To me, creating a fit lifestyle is defined by how you improve the quality of your life.


What areas of your lifestyle do you struggle with that would improve if you exercised and ate healthier?


Do you lack the energy to get through your busy day?


Do you stress during the week when you don’t have dinner for the family planned?


Do you struggle to keep up with your 2 year old, who wants to run and play every chance he gets?


The problem that most people come across early on in their lifestyle journey is that they don’t take the time to define what being fit means to them.


That 25 year old fitness model you follow on Instagram whose workouts you try to emulate, probably doesn’t have everything you have going on in your life.


They can probably spend several hours a week working out, meal prepping, and don’t have the stresses of kids, a spouse, and a full time job.


My point is…everyone’s lifestyle is different and your goal should be to improve the quality of your lifestyle…not try to live someone else’s lifestyle.


What you should do first

The first step to create a fit lifestyle is identifying what it means to you to be fit.


Not based on what you see on TV, a Women’s/Men’s Fitness magazine, or what someone else tells you.


But what does it really MEAN TO YOU to be fit?


Does it mean that you improved your fitness enough that you can finally go on a hike with your family?


Does it mean that you changed your lifestyle and gained the confidence to meet that special someone?


Or maybe, being fit just means that you’re not exhausted after your busy day.


Yes, in the process of eating better and exercising you will lose weight, get in shape, and look different…but I encourage you to dig a little deeper and really identify what your overall lifestyle would look like when you create a fit life.


It’s a long term game

Pursuing a fit lifestyle is a LONG TERM game. Pursuing weight loss is a short term goal.


When I weighed over 200 lbs, I originally wanted to lose weight…that was my goal.


A huge frustration I had was that I would lose some weight, but then I’d gain it right back.


And it happened because I was making short term changes…like not eating carbs…which would then cause a weight loss.


But then I’d go back to my old habits after a short time…and guess what would happen…


Yup…it would all come right back.


When you’re stuck on what the scale says, its very easy to make short terms changes just to see it go down.


On the other hand.

When you’re creating a fit lifestyle, you understand that the changes you’re making are going to be long term.


Now, I get it…we all want IMMEDIATE returns on our investments. Its human nature.


But if you want to be able to stick with the changes you make to your lifestyle then you need to accept that you may not see immediate changes.


But know that all the small, consistent changes you’re making will add up to big changes in the long run.


The Only Requirement

When I talk about defining a fit life, I have one requirement.


You need to be actively pursuing a better quality lifestyle. Specifically related to your fitness, nutrition, and mindset.


You can’t eat junk food, have a negative mindset, and sit on the couch all of your free time and say that’s your definition of a Fit Life.


It doesn’t work that way.


When I say define a fit life, I mean thinking ahead to a lifestyle that’s improved your health, fitness, and your mindset as a direct result of the changes you’ve made to your lifestyle.





So there you have it…


Creating a fit lifestyle is a lot different to making changes just for the sake of weight loss.


Creating a fit lifestyle means your are actively pursuing a LONG TERM lifestyle change, whereas losing weight means you’re making short term changes just to see the scale do down.


I HIGHLY encourage you to go for the long term game and…Screw the weight loss…


What do you think?…Do you agree or disagree?


I’d love to know your definition down below of what being fit means to you.


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