Make Time To Exercise – The Number One Habit

At some point of your healthy lifestyle journey, you’ve probably used this excuse: “I don’t have time”…


In fact, chances are that you’ve used it quite a bit.


But I’m not here to judge or say that’s a B.S. excuse. After all, if I’m being honest, I’ve probably used it more than you have.


I don’t have an athletic background, nor have I lived a fit lifestyle my entire life.


I’ve had to CREATE it over the past 7 years.


And trust me… I have the same struggles that you probably have to make time for exercise and eat as clean as possible.

So I understand how easy it is to legitimately feel like you don’t have time for something.


In this post I want to talk to you about the NUMBER ONE habit that you should be focused on if you want to create a fit lifestyle.


It isn’t eat more protein (although important)…


It’s not sleep longer (also important)…


And it isn’t to workout every day…


The number one habit that you need to work on is the KEY to actually being successful with any other habit change you plan on making.


So what is it?


The Habit of Making Time

Make time to exercise…


Make time to meal prep…


Make time to sleep…


Whatever the new habit you’re trying to get better at, the number one thing you need to focus on at first, is to make time.


That’s right…You probably weren’t expecting that. But let me explain why it’s important.


At the moment, your life is filled with jobs, duties, tasks, and errands that take up all of your time. All of these tasks are second nature to you. You do them because you have to…they’re your LIFESTYLE.


If you want to add exercise, meal prep, or any other new habit to your current lifestyle, you need to DISRUPT just about every other task you have in your life.


THAT IS A HUGE inconvenience that so many people underestimate.


The only way for you to be successful at adding the new habit to your daily routine is for you to PURPOSELY make time for it.


But I’m not just talking about adding it to your schedule to “trick” yourself into thinking it’s an appointment that you can’t skip.


I’m talking about creating a space in your current lifestyle where no matter what else happens in your day, you still have that time slot available to work on your new habit.


How do you do that?…Well before we jump into that, lets explore the two main reasons people tend to feel they don’t have time.


It’s Overwhelming



You tend to see this type of mentality at the beginning of the year.


“I want to lose weight… So I’m going to the gym every day, for an hour. And I’m going to meal prep every meal for every day of the week”…and so on.


Then you may do it for a couple weeks…but it’s HARD to maintain all of those changes because then life starts happening again.


And when you feel you can’t keep up with everything, you give up. It happens all the time.


That’s why you see gyms begin to empty out a couple months after the New Year Resolution rush.


You need to be OK with taking baby steps. I recommend you focus on just a couple things at first so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.


This will increase your chances of sticking with the habit and feeling successful, which will encourage you to do more.


You’re Not a Selfish Person

It’s so easy to get stuck in a cycle of doing for others before we do for ourselves.


You’re a parent, a spouse, an employee, and you have a bunch of other things going on that make it hard for you to set time aside for yourself.


And the moment you decide you want to do something for YOU…You feel the guilt of being selfish.


But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being Selfishly Unselfish.


And what I mean by that is if you’re a bit selfish and focus on yourself first, then you can UNSELFISHLY do more for other people.


Just imagine how much more you can do for others if you feel better about yourself, you have more energy, you have more confidence in yourself…


It’s OK to be a bit selfish…especially if you know that you’ll be able to do more for the people that matter most to you.


How To Start Making Time

Making time is a habit. And like any other habit, you can get better at it.


You can improve it by daily practice and focus.


The key is to not overwhelm yourself and try to set aside an unrealistic amount of time of your day on a habit that you’re not used to yet. You’ll only set yourself up for failure because you’ll feel it can’t be done.


So lets start small (baby steps, remember). Start by setting 15 minutes aside EVERY day.


It doesn’t matter what you do with this time. You just need to feel like IT’S YOUR TIME.


Read a book, do a workout, write in a journal, prep a healthy meal… Just do something for yourself.


It won’t be very long before you start to increase this time, and you become more effective with the time so you get more done.


What we’re trying to do here is we want you to start feeling like you’re doing something for yourself, not overwhelm yourself, and not feel guilty for being a bit selfish.


Doing this will help eliminate excuse of not having enough time.



If you want to make any kind of habit change to your lifestyle then the number one habit you need to improve on first is making time.


You need to get in the habit of making time so you can eliminate the number one excuse why people don’t stick to their habit changes. “I don’t have time…”


You need to be okay with taking baby steps and making small consistent changes and not overwhelming yourself by taking on too many changes at once.


You also need to be okay with being selfish by taking care of yourself with the understanding that if you take care of yourself first, you can then unselfishly do more for those you care most about.


Start small…15 minutes a day.


Don’t overwhelm yourself and soon you’ll feel like you have the time to make any new habit changes you wish to make.


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