My Reasons For Starting A Blog

The idea of starting a blog has been in the back of my mind for a while now.


But one excuse or another always held me back.


You know…the kind of ridiculous excuses most people have when they even think of trying something out of their comfort zone.


“What the heck will I even write about?”


“Who even cares what I have to say?”


“I’m too busy already, it’s not the right time…”


Well…I finally said screw it…not only am I starting a blog, but I’m also starting a podcast AND a YouTube channel!


What now Comfort Zone?! 


But seriously…


I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m tired of seeing the frustration, discouragement, and pressure that people suffer through from the need to lose weight.


And I just know that there’s people out there that struggle with the idea that weight loss is not the most important measurement of success for someone trying to get in better health and shape.


This is a message that I’ve been sharing over the last couple months to my members here inside of my gym.


But there are two specific reasons why I decided to take my message and share it with more people.


Reason #1 – I Lost My Way

I’ve been in the fitness industry for about five years now.


I started off selling gym memberships and managing a small, local, gym.


When I felt the need to help people in a more meaningful way than just selling them a gym membership, I decided to try my hand in personal training.


Eventually, a couple short months later, that led me to open my own gym out of a small 260 square foot studio; without any clients and without any equipment… just a deep passion to want to help people.


In those early days, the need to drive people into my gym led me to use marketing tactics and messages that I was never 100% comfortable with…but they worked.


“Get slim, toned, and sexy with 30 minute workouts!”


“Lose ___ lbs in 6 weeks!”


It helped my business grow, and it put people through the doors of my gym, but I wasn’t feeling very good about it.


I KNEW that the message I was sharing to get people into my gym was not who I really was, nor who I wanted to be as a Coach.


So, over the last year and a half I’ve really been trying to figure out how I can share a more meaningful message of what living a healthy, fit, active lifestyle is really all about.


I’ve sat across hundreds of people, and I realized that for a lot of people, a weight loss goal is just a front for more meaningful reasons as to why they want to get healthy and take better care of themselves.


For this reason, I want to create content that will help people live healthier, fit, lifestyles without pressure or stress to lose weight.


I want to teach people to measure their success by the improvements they make in their lifestyle and not based on a number on a scale.


No more “lose weight fast” tactics or quick fixes.


I’ve decided to correct course and really HELP people…which was my original reason to get into this industry.


Reason #2 – My Son


On June 2018, I became a dad for the first time!


Now that my son, Julius, is more mobile I’ve found that being healthy and in shape allows me to do just about anything with him, without being limited by my fitness.


So, for me, being in shape has changed from needing to look a certain way or weighing a certain amount, to being able to do things and being there for my son.


I really started seeing how exercise and living a healthy lifestyle is for more meaningful reasons.


It’s not just an idea that I have anymore… I’m starting to recognize and experience it myself since becoming a father.


And, honestly, that’s a more rewarding reason to stay in shape and stay healthy.


At one point in my life I weighed over 200 pounds. So, initially, changing my lifestyle really was about weight loss.


I struggled with weight loss, weight gain, and the mental challenges that come with changing your lifestyle and losing weight.


So I KNOW what it’s like to want to lose weight.


But now, as a parent, taking better care of myself to be able to do things with my son, is a lot more meaningful.



Those are the two main reasons why I want to share this message with more people.


I really want to help you to understand how you can change your lifestyle and how you can make healthier choices for more meaningful reasons than those generic “I want to lose 10 pounds,” type of reasons.


So, that’s it. This is me sharing my initial thoughts and presenting my first post on my Screw The Weight Loss blog.


This blog is not going to be for absolutely everyone…and I’m fine with that.


But for those of you that can relate and agree with what I’m saying, I’ll say this…


Screw the weight loss…your fit lifestyle awaits you!




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